May 2018

“April showers bring May flowers.”

Close your eyes and imagine this. It’s Friday, the work week is over and you have nothing but the weekend ahead of you. You open up your front door and smell the lingering scent of lavender from the cleaning earlier that day. You kick your shoes off and rejoice in the newly clean status of your home. This feeling of tranquility lasts only a day or two as the mess slowly creeps back.

It’s time to spring forward and get your cleaning done early. Don’t let the thought of spring cleaning overwhelm you. Whether or not you decide to tackle it yourself or hire a professional, here are some tips and tricks you can do to extend your household cleanliness.

1. Get a basket. Dedicate a basket for miscellaneous items to be tossed during the cleanings or when you’re on the go. It saves time and money to have the technician toss random items into the basket than to individually put the items away. Then you can sort through the basket of belongings and put them away when you have time. Throughout the week leave this basket out to toss any clutter you might usually leave on the counters or coffee table.

2. Keep your kitchen tidy. For some reason, this room seems to be the longest to clean and easiest to dirty. A common rule of thumb is to have empty counters and sinks at all times! Anytime you enter your kitchen follow this rule. It’s amazing how fast stuff accumulates in both areas. Stick to this rule for a week and you will realize how much time you save by taking care of things at the moment rather than wait until they have piled up.

3. Take your shoes off at the front door. After work, it might be tempting to leave your shoes on inside the home but don’t. Not only can you track in unwanted germs and bacteria, but it makes the floors dirtier and creates extra dust.

4. Separate your laundry!  Not only will sorting your laundry help keep it from piling up into mounds. It will also help keep your linens in better shape. Keep a laundry basket in the bedrooms, bathroom and each room that requires it. By keeping the loads separate it cuts down on mounds in the laundry room. Only wash one load at a time, don’t get carried away and try to pump out as many as you can. This is how mounds of CLEAN laundry end up on a chair for a month then you lose track of what’s clean and end up rewashing it. After one basket is completely washed, dried and put away start on another. Do not take your towels out of the bathroom. These should be washed by themselves in hot water only. When it comes time to empty the baskets in the bedrooms, separate them by whites, colors, jeans, and delicates. This will help prevent the colors from running and fabric being damaged.

Try these 4 tips for the next week and you will notice your house staying cleaner longer. By keeping up with the mess as it’s created you will save time for the things you enjoy. Targeting the 4 rooms that get used and dirtied the most you will have those living spaces free of unnecessary clutter. An organized living space has been shown to reduce stress and anxiety increasing work productivity and happiness.

-Clean Green Team



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