About Us


Not just a cleaning, it’s an experience. 

What makes us different?

CleanGreen Cleaning is more than just a cleaning company. We offer a wide range of services to fit the varying needs of our clients. CleanGreen was created to be innovative and change the professional cleaning industry. We go above and beyond any other company to be proactive with our business procedures.


  • Estimate- Complete your complimentary estimate online via our estimate form, or call a representative to schedule an in-home or virtual estimate.
  • Client Scheduling- We offer convenient scheduling online or through our office telephone.
  • Employee Supervision and Safety- Our technicians work in teams of two with a client manager who oversees the crew. Each technician crew is equipped with a body camera that records and saves a first-person view of the cleaning.
  • Cleaning Methods- Our technicians undergo certification through our CleanGreen Academy of Cleaning. They are fully trained with the latest standards in safety and cleaning.
  • Technician Body Cameras- The body cameras are a way for us to provide security to our technicians and clients. This is an add-on service option for residential and commercial clients. A feed of the video can be stored and saved for the duration of services.
  • Security- We offer security services for occasions that require a staff member to do property walkthroughs. They are done while wearing a technician camera and observe daily conditions, concerns and more. Perfect for vacationing families, businesses, rental management, and real estate companies.
  • Cleaning Solutions- CleanGreen Cleaning created an organic line of cleaning products. In conjunction with these cleaning products, we use other organic and natural solutions to clean commercial and residential properties. We take the time to make sure there are no safety hazards. Our goal is to ensure there is no cross-contamination of chemicals we clean with. This avoids any potential hazards to you, your children or any animals. All of our chemicals are environmentally friendly.


  • Our operations are based on a local-growth business model. CleanGreen does not franchise our locations to expand. We do this to support local areas and maintain the quality that our clients seek.
  • We have local operations in Iowa and California. Each location is operated by the CEO and executives of CleanGreen. These team members work with the regional managers and cleaning technicians in the specified client-coverage areas.
    • These specific areas are:
      • Iowa
        • Iowa City
        • Okoboji
      • California
        • Bay Area
        • Oakland
        • San Mateo
        • San Jose
        • San Francisco
        • San Diego
      • Colorado
        • Denver- Headquarters
        • Boulder
        • Longmont