Auto Detailing Services in Orlando

We offer professional auto detailing services specializing in interior restoration and paint correction. We are experienced in working with professionals in the construction, oil, and trucking industry to restore their work vehicles to an almost new condition*. Watch our slideshow below to view the before and after pictures. For more information on services please scroll to the bottom of this page.

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This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We are also proud to offer paint restoration services including:

  • Scratch Removal Services
  • Buff and Cut Services
  • Hand Waxing Services
  • Polishing Services
  • Ceramic Coating Services
  • Mobile Detailing Services

Basic Interior Detailing Services Package:

This package is best for neatly kept cars that do not have heavy dirt nor staining. This is a light, general cleaning that includes the following:

Dashboard, center console, vacuum seats and floors, interior windows, spot removal.

Call for pricing.

Interior Detailing Services Package:

This package is best for heavily soiled cars or cars that need to be returned to like-new condition. The comprehensive cleaning of the interior is done to get the interior looking new. Includes the following.

Dashboard, review mirror, door panels, steering wheel, glove box, car vents, vacuum all carpeted surfaces, shampooing or steam cleaning of fabric, leather protectant, interior windows, cupholders, and a micro detail brush to clean intricate surfaces.

Call for pricing.

Exterior Detailing Services

Prices start at $45 for basic exterior wash if booked with the interior detail package. A basic exterior wash includes hand washing, power spraying, foam gun, and hang drying vehicle.

 $65 for basic car wash without the interior detail package. Trucks and SUVs are an additional price.

Add-ons available including:

  • Hand Waxing
  • Paint Sealant
  • Paint Protectant
  • Tire Protectant
  • Headlight restoration